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Latest Glasgow reviews & Special Offers

2 Days Ago

Spring Grove Clinic

Special Offer

Valid until: 24/12/2014

3 Days Ago

Aaron Property

Aaron managed a brand new flat and brand new house of ours for a few years. In that time the different tenants they placed in our flat caused numerous damage to it. The last tenants left it dirty and unclean, Aaron asked for the keys to clean it, they didn't, took the flat back off them and spent over £1000 repairing it back to a decent condition. They refused to give us the last tenants deposit and hadn't registered it with a tenancy deposit scheme for us to try get it. The house was let to a family that stayed there around 5 years claiming benefits,we wanted them evicted and aaron said they couldn't because the tenants owed aaron money. The payments to us were consistently late and not always the full amount. When we decided to manage the house ourselves and went to inspect the house, major alterations had been made to the building without our knowledge or consent. The open plan living dining area was walled to make a bedroom, the garage was made into a play area for their children and they had cut a doorway themselves through a load bearing wall, several other modifications had been made to the electrics and plumbing without our knowledge or consent. The tenants said they asked aaron if the mods could be made and aaron said we, the owners, had given permission. Total lie, they did not ask us for these mods to be made, they asked if they could redecorate ie paint. Aaron had been lying to the tenants and us. When we took the house back from the tenants it took 3 months and £7000 to return the house to its original condition. The account statements for both properties were handed to our accountant as they made no sense to us or the accountant who eventually found aaron owed us nearly £10,000 that aaron had received and not paid to us for both properties over the years. After being in touch with solicitors, sheriffs,trading standards and even the police, we were informed aaron were known to the sheriffs and trading standards, they had been performing like this for years, but there was nothing they could do due to the laws in Scotland. We acknowledge the huge costly mistakes we made in not reclaiming our properties from aaron sooner, it was a very severe lesson learnt. The biggest shame is that due to the laws in Scotland, nothing could be done to stop Aaron properties trading and reclaiming our costs from them. Cannot stress enough what a huge risk you would be taking by letting Aaron properties manage your properties.

Review Score: 1 Star Rating

5 Days Ago

Tantra Massage

Do not believe the 1-star review. The man must have behaved very badly. I can assure you that Paola is a very special young woman and masseuse. Highly intelligent and articulate, she is a delight to talk to and be with. She sets out her stall to relax and pleasure you, and for me she does it every time. The massage is unrushed and she caresses every part of your body beautifully. Warm oil is spread over your body to awaken your senses and open you up to heightened sensual climax. I have been with her 4 times now, and each visit has been rewarding, relaxing and simply a lovely experience. Treat her with the respect she deserves, and Paola will make you feel both welcomed and extra special. She is a wonderful person - and yes, she has a lovely figure, too!

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

7 Days Ago

Forest Tails Dog Walking

Special Offer

Valid until: 01/01/2016

10 Days Ago

Dealin Ltd

Special Offer

Valid until: 11/12/2014

17 Days Ago

Wholesale Plus

These open accounts, buy goods and dont pay!

Review Score: 1 Star Rating

28 Days Ago

Digital Aerial Services

Special Offer

Valid until: 24/08/2014

29 Days Ago

Cab Direct Taxi Sales

Special Offer

Valid until: 23/07/2015

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